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Here you can find our store locations. Please feel free to contact us:

Store nameStore addressWorking hours
Sellerie Henno 28 route de Seclin RCS 44309507000027 douai 59310 orchies

Phone: 03 20 05 25 89

Antares, Animo, Mountain Horse, pikeur, Euro-star, Kingsland, Flags and cup, FED, dyon, prestige, Komutekir, Privilege Equitation, Freejump,Flags & cup, Godignon, Roeckl, HFI, Kentucky, Cavalleria Toscana, samshield Harcour, Horse pilot,CWD,KASK,GEM

Tuesday:  10h-12h15 et 13h30-19h

Wednesday:  10h-12h15 et 13h30-19h

Thursday:  10h-12h15 et 13h30-19h

Friday:  10h-12h15 et 13h30-19h

Saturday:  10h-19h